Monday, May 21, 2012


101 Second Street, at the corner of Second Street and Mission, is an SOM designed high rise with a large glass enclosed plaza, a POPOSPrivately Owned Public Open Spaces. This space was dedicated to the public in exchange for development rights.  It's a five story high greenhouse built in 2000. It feels quite public even though the large glass sliding doors to Second Street are almost never opened.

SPUR has done an excellent report on POPOS:

101 California's POPOS is well used by the public.

There are four POPOS on Second Street, all on the northern half of the street.

Some good art in this well managed space.

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  1. 101 is a great place to have lunch, especially when it's too cold or rainy to utilize the outdoor open space. Though it could use some additional seating (I find myself sitting on the floor quite a bit), it's definitely being used and is a welcomed asset to 2nd Street.