Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This barren plaza at Second and Folsom Street was built in 1965 entirely of the same brick. It was designed by MBT as part of the AT&T switch-gear windowless high-rise that looms over and often shades the plaza. The original abstract design was modified later with more not quite matching brick to incorporate more seating and add skateboard defensive devices, but it's not entirely successful from either a design or use perspective. Two rows of Plane trees along Folsom Street are the only greenery. More planting might help it attract more people. It is open 24/7.

SPUR has done an excellent report on POPOS: 

601 Folsom Plaza is surprisingly barren and typically not populated.

601 Folsom Plaza is a POPOS was built in 1965. 

Good materials, but a bit forlorn.

There are four POPOS on Second Street, of which 601 Folsom is the least successful.


  1. I'm going to become a one-note commenter on London plane trees (Platanus x hispanica aka x acerifolia): Aside from one selection, 'Yarwood,' this species attracts multiple fungal infections in SF's cool, humid summers and becomes disfigured and often defoliates prematurely. More greenery of a different variety might help this bleak brick plaza, but what's already there occludes a more vibrant urban tree canopy.

  2. I don't even aware it is a POPOS. The place is shaded and windy. Everytime I walk through it quickly without giving it much of a thought.