Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The largest open space immediately adjacent to the Second Street sidewalk is on the block between Folsom and Harrison. It's recently been given a total rehabilitation from it's original 1980s design. Bordered by restaurants, it's a great place to eat your lunch in the sun on the grass and people watch. Though privately owned it feels public with no separation from the street.

Sunny grassy lawn at Marathon Plaza.

Marathon Plaza is currently the best open space along Second Street.

Some nice art in Marathon Plaza.

A sunken lounge area is well done.


  1. It's great to have this plaza open again, it's the sunniest public space in the area and a great spot to have lunch. It would be great to have more open space adjacent to 2nd Street!

  2. I eat my lunch here about 3 times a week (I love the re-model!). This plaza and South Park are the only sunny exterior places around my office to take a break. Despite the size of these two great spaces, I must say that a patch of grass or bench is getting harder to come by as both of these areas are quite crowded around mid-day. It leads me to wonder, during this Great Second Street effort, could we identify other sunny spaces that might be transformed into a public space for resting or eating lunch!?

  3. Marathon Plaza is a fantastic open space for 2nd Street. It, along with South Park, is always full of people around mid-day. I would love to see even more open space along Second Street; there's definitely enough people to support it and it could really help support the local businesses.