Wednesday, August 12, 2015

VICTORY! The EIR was certified at the SF Planning Commission, and the SFMTA Board approved the design. On to construction in 2016!

Great Second Street Goes to the SF Planning Commission Thursday afternoon August 13th 2015 for certification of the Enviromental Impact Report, and then the week after, August 18th, to the SFMTA Board for approval of the parking and traffic changes.

For the past four years, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Public Works, and the Planning Department have been working closely with the SoMa community and Walk SF members to develop plans to address both pedestrian safety and walkability needs.

Now, an ideal plan is being proposed for your review and approval. As more people live, work, and play in SoMa, the City must build safer, more efficient and more sustainable streets. The Second Street Improvement Project does all of this and demonstrates how even SoMa's traffic-choked roads can be re-designed to support San Francisco's Vision Zero goal to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2024.

The Second Street Improvement Project includes widened sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly lighting, safer crossings (including left-turn restrictions and the elimination of the right turn lanes at Harrison and Second), enhanced landscaping, ADA-compliant curb ramps, and a cycle track for people biking. It will create a more attractive public realm and enhance the economic vitality of the corridor by attracting foot traffic, as well as minimize transit delays, and create a separated bicycle lane to increase safety for everyone who travels here.

The City's project scope diagram. The "Streetscape" element includes widening the sidewalks from 10 to 15 ft.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Carmageddon Comes to Second Street!

It's getting crazier out there as drivers try to make their way onto the Bay Bridge during weekday rush hours from 3 to 6pm. There is no doubt that this is a very challenging traffic situation, often approaching "gridlock." While alleviating the gridlock will involve a comprehensive program of enhanced transit and (dis)incentives, keeping crosswalks clear is essential for sustaining a basic quality of life in the neighborhood. 

View an HD version of the movie at

The Barnes Dance crossing offers an ideal solution. By stopping all traffic to allow walkers to cross in all six directions at once, this approach offers the greatest level of pedestrian safety while ends the vicious (and frankly pointless) cycle of drivers blocking the intersection to keep other cars from blocking them. Making streets safer for people while reducing the anxiety of those in cars: Everybody wins. Watch the movie Carmageddon on Second Street on Vimeo.