Thursday, April 26, 2012


The Second Street Improvement Project to plan streetscape, pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements for Second Street between Market and King Streets is scheduled to have it's first official SFMTA and SFDPW Community Meeting on Wednesday evening, May 2, at 6pm at CBS Interactive (CNET), 235 Second Street, 1st Floor. 

This first official community meeting will develop shared goals and a vision for Second Street that reflects the needs of an emerging neighborhood that has quickly become the go-to commuter route for workers and residents in South Beach and Mission Bay.  The community will develop and choose three design proposals, which will be refined and presented again at the second community meeting. This first meeting will include an introduction to the elements of the project (repaving, streetscape, pedestrian improvements and a bicycle facility), context with the surrounding area improvements and project constraints.  

As you know, our representation and input is vital for a Great Second Street. So please join us in sharing our concerns and ideas with those that will be upgrading Second Street.


The City showed real commitment to making this a genuine community process at this meeting.  The turnout was great, both neighbors and the City Family: SFMTA, DPW, and our District 6 elected Jane Kim. Though the design charrette was necessarily simplified, dealing only with the two typical street sections of Second Street, it allowed priorities to come through clearly: pedestrian safety, better cycling, and a strategy to calm the Bay Bridge congestion. Kudo's to our hard working and smart folks who serve our City: most of them really get it.
To come will be the difficult task of translating this community feedback into a comprehensive design that has many challenges in dividing road capacity fairly between all the users. 

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