Friday, April 6, 2012


More than half of the length of Second Street currently has generous wide sidewalks.

Second Street is seven blocks long, and 4 of those blocks have 15 foot wide sidewalks, the width recommended by San Francisco's Better Streets Plan.  The 3 blocks in the middle have 10 foot wide sidewalks, which doesn't make them a great pedestrian experience, creates huge pedestrian congestion on Giants game days, and restricts the size of street trees.  Planning for 15 foot wide sidewalks the length of Second Street would be a huge step towards making Second Street great.

10 foot wide sidewalks are narrow and utilitarian.

Width transforms sidewalks into vibrant public amenities.
Often sidewalks were narrowed in the past to allow for more and faster vehicle traffic.

As you get close to Market the 15 foot wide sidewalks become crowded with pedestrians.

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