Monday, March 19, 2012

Pedestrian Down - Second & Bryant

This afternoon a white Acura struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk at this unpleasant, and dangerous, intersection. The driver fled the scene. Last Thursday at our community meeting we were talking about how awful the pedestrian experience is here, and the reality of speeding drivers inflicting severe injuries brings it home. The map below documents incidents resulting in severe injuries (blue dots) and fatal injuries (black dots) to pedestrians. The intersections at Bryant and Harrison are two of the most dangerous on Second Street because of their proximity to freeway on-ramps. Drivers here speed routinely, and although there is some enforcement, it can't compensate for a wide, express way-like street that encourages speeding. It's actually safer for everyone in congested "parking lot" mode. Calming this street to make it pleasant to use as a pedestrian or cyclist is great, but reducing the number of injuries and deaths is a huge public health issue, more basic and important. Let's do both.

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