Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Carmageddon Comes to Second Street!

It's getting crazier out there as drivers try to make their way onto the Bay Bridge during weekday rush hours from 3 to 6pm. There is no doubt that this is a very challenging traffic situation, often approaching "gridlock." While alleviating the gridlock will involve a comprehensive program of enhanced transit and (dis)incentives, keeping crosswalks clear is essential for sustaining a basic quality of life in the neighborhood. 

View an HD version of the movie at https://vimeo.com/124179683

The Barnes Dance crossing offers an ideal solution. By stopping all traffic to allow walkers to cross in all six directions at once, this approach offers the greatest level of pedestrian safety while ends the vicious (and frankly pointless) cycle of drivers blocking the intersection to keep other cars from blocking them. Making streets safer for people while reducing the anxiety of those in cars: Everybody wins. Watch the movie Carmageddon on Second Street on Vimeo.

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